Fallout: KnoxVegas

The Tattooed Man

The group was honored and treated in Cyrano City by Deke Cyrano himself.
They were awarded the Iron Spartan, given houses to live in and a small monthly stipend from the city. They are all also guaranteed work for as long as they live.

They discussed their options with Deke:
1) Track the Tattooed Man
2) Visit vault 444. The Norrites were prompted by the Hidwells months ago
3) Deal with the Super Mutants
4) Assist Refugees obviously flooding towards the Island
5) Vault 222 was discovered to be hidden below The Tilting Deathclaw.

Graham excused himself and decided to live at home for a while.

The Defenders of Cyrano then decided to look at Vault 222. The owner seemed nice enough and pointed the way. They went downstairs and into the vault where they found 2 dead skeletons and learned they were Jeff and Scott. They apparently shot each other after nearly starving to death. They found their way to the observation deck and observed a large boil and abscessed covered human. They worked out a plan and killed it. They then learned that vault 444 and vault 865 both contained information about other vaults, but the experiments and locations were split between the two.

Al finally convinced the Defenders to talk with Aricia who led them to the end of the trail that the Tattooed Man obviously left behind. They followed it and were ambushed twice by incompetent Smokies. They finally found the end of the trail and it lead into Vault 444. They walked inside and found some writing in blood on the wall. “Death” and “Fuck Everett” were written there.

They found a group of ghouls shuffling around in a smallish room and eventually killed them but not until Tect took a lot of radiation damage.

They then found Hillbilly Bot who has been wounded by the Tattooed man and was huddled in a corner of the storage room. Not much help, but he agreed to watch their back in the Ghoul’s room.

They then made their way upstairs after seeing that the way down was completely blocked off. Tect busted open the door and Al’s greatest enemy to date was there before them. He looked up, grabbed his greatsword and made a flying leap towards them. Al got off 3 shots.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see how this all plays out.

The Norrites
The Art of the Deal


Quick notes for this last session:

Group decides to head east towards the Dam, hoping to cross there. Hopefully the damage isn’t too severe.

They enounter 2 giant spiders. The first attacks and nearly kills Chet. Boris kills easily with the sniper rifle. The second Boris spots and kills, but Tect is too curious while carrying Chet on his back. He’s crushed by the falling spider, killing Chet. They bury him reluctantly and move on.

Standing in the tree line eyeing the work-camp they saw while in the verti-bird they are attacked by 2 wild-haired and wild-eyed barbarians. They were wearing a shreaded cap as a hair band, a leather glove on the left hand and a machete in the right. Boris melts into the shadows and eventually kills a Smokie trying to get away. The other one does manage to disappear into the woods silently.

They sit and watch the fort some more and realize there is no movement. Tect gets brave and runs for it. No shots are fired. The rest of the group catches up. The door into the barracks is slightly open and they hear a muffled and weak “help” coming from inside.

They find and bandage an engineer for the Norites. He tells of the attack from the Smokies and how he hid in the trap door after playing dead.

A newcomer to the group was in the Smokies base when he saw the group run for the barracks. After seeing they were in scouting mode rather than attack mode he begins to jog their direction. He decides staying to the high side and the woods is smarter than taking the tunnel to the base.

After clearing the barracks Boris climbs to the roof to keep guard and Graham and Tect begin searching the compound. Encountering a closed and apparently locked door Tect kicks it open and is grazed by a simple gun trap for his trouble. The cafeteria is empty except for a few dead bodies of the Norites.

Moving to the second door they hear Boris yelling with someone on the ridge and far away. Shrugging they test the second door carefully and feel a string holding this door as well. They begin to palaver to figure how to get the door open while Boris climbs down to let the new guy in to deal with the wounded engineer.

Al comes in to the Barracks and begins to immediately poke and prod the poor wounded man in his attempt to bandage the wounds. He eventually figures it out and gets the rest of the story from the engineer on what happened during the attack. A whoop from outside indicates Tect and Graham have managed to open the door safely and disarmed the trap.

Boris is able to recover the mine and put it in their bags. After talking with Al, the soldier for the Norites, they decide taking the tunnel back to the City of Cyrano is their best option.

Al gets them into the city easily and up to the plush Commander’s office. Deke is willing to allow the group to assist in getting the dam repaired. The group makes contact with the Longshots who want 45% of the future profits if they assist. They bring Tim into the negotiations and he wants around 8% of the power output in order to help with bringing the Norites in. He will attempt to keep the Longshots to 10%, but isn’t sure it will happen.

The group is left waiting for Tim to radio back and they have the rest of the night to rest and do some shopping.

Travellin' Men
Heading up I-75


After agreeing to parley with the Norites for Tim the group of 4 head to The Island to deliver a letter to Kay Jones and gather supplies for a rather long journey north.

Arriving at the gates the throng of people gathered outside indicated something was wrong. Pushing their way to the front they realize the gates weren’t open. Words along the way and after talking to the guards the group realizes the power is out in The Island and the powered gates won’t raise. Seeing the issue and thinking he can help Tect walks up to the gates, gets into a power-lifting crouch, grasps the bars and grunts as he lifts. Getting it off the ground inspires the guards just loafing around and they dash in to assist. Everyone pitches in and an old I-beam is found that’s just the right size to keep the gate open, albeit at an odd angle. Everyone smiles and slaps Tect on the back, thanking him.

Indicating they have some business they are immediately brought to Kay Jones’ office. Learning of the Fusion Core issue that The Island is having Boris begins flipping it in one hand. Eyes widening Kay makes a deal with the group to buy it for 10k caps, goodwill, a letter of introduction to Deke Cyrano and enough supplies to take them North to the Norites.

Heading North the group hears a woman scream near Sharps Ridge. Climbing up the steep incline Boris and Tect spot 5 teenagers about to take carnal pleasure in a woman disinclined to acquiesce. Boris lines up a shot and kills 2 and Tect takes care of another 2 with his shotgun. The 5th they let go and assist the woman and her boyfriend off the cliff, assuming they will head to The Island for assistance.

They head North. Nearing Merchants Drive they see 2 bonfires, 2 guard towers and a nasty fence blocking their way. Boris and Chet head to one side and talk to the Cedarists, learning they are in a border war with the Merchants. The Cedarists are willing to pay 25 caps per Outback Pin they take off a dead Merchant.

Tect and Graham head the other way and encounter the Merchants who are willing to make the same deal for pins from dead Cedarists.

Both sides arrange a cheap deal to allow the group to cross.

They head North. Coming across a bridge, the sharp-eyed Boris spots a pack of a few ghouls meandering around some houses near Beaver Creek. Taking a crack shot and killing 2 ghouls with 1 bullet they swiftly realize his mistake. Another 40-80 ghouls begin to emerge and make their way towards the group. Tect grabs a rocket launcher and Chet grabs his pistol. They easily kill the entire group off before they get too close.

They head North. They begin to hear beautiful singing coming from over a bluff. Going to look for what they are hearing Chet and Tect begin to feel the urge to jump. Boris shakes off the same urge and shoots whatever is singing in the bottom of the pool. The second one dives for cover and Tect and Chet shake off their urge to plummet to their deaths. Boris shoots that one, too.

They head North. They meet a caravan hauling several Brahmin’s worth of rocks and at least one 1 to 2 ton block of marble. The apparent leader of the caravan asks the group to eradicate a nest of Rad Roaches the aggregate farmers are having issues with, but the group declines until later. They should talk to Earl if they ever decide to come back this way.

They head North. Finally they begin to see their destination. Cyrano is in the distance, flags flying and a guard tower easily visible from the south side of the Clinch River. That’s when they feel the explosion. Looking to the northeast they see a black plume of smoke pummeling the sky. As they stand there a rush of water eradicates the bridge crossing the Clinch, leaving them stranded so close to their goal.

Into the Wild Blue
Vertibirds are not stable.


Our heroes were just about to settle in for the night when a “whup whup whup” noise turned them around. Tim the Trader was landing just outside their main base in a Vertibird. Jumping out he screamed at them, “Get onboard, now, there’s no time to wait!”

Looking around at each other unsure what to do next they all just shrug and jump onboard. Why not just jump on a flying hunk of metal with a guy who looks just crazy enough to force them to jump at gunpoint.

After getting into the air and flying north to only the gods knew where Tim begins to explain himself.

“A group of highly militant outsiders are gathering at the gate to The Island. They plan to take the Island by force and I mean to punch first. I have 5 rocket launchers and 4 crates of ammo. Lets blast a hole in their compound and strike first for the Island!”

Dubious claims indeed, the entire group agreed. After interrogating Tim for a few minutes they all realized agreeing to murder for unknown reasons wasn’t a good idea. After some more bribing and a quick talk with the pilot only Graham stayed true and refused to fire. The other three decided blasting some rockets may be a good idea.

When they arrived in view of the compound the Pilot freaked out, exclaiming, “That’s the fucking Smokies guarding that base. No way in fucking hell am I getting in distance of that place.” He immediately made a move in the vertibird to turn south. Tim dove for the controls, rocking the verti to the side. Everyone was thrown off balance, with Boris Vasilevsky nearly thrown to his death. Tect saved the day with a strong grab around Boris’s wrist, pulling him back inside.

Graham was the true hero. Dexterously diving towards Tim and using a throw he only could have learned from Tect he threw a very surprised Tim into the back seat. He was immediately restrained by the entire crew. Well, most of the crew anyways. * decided the safest move would be to use every strap available to keep himself inside the metal flying contraption.

With Tim safely restrained the pilot headed back to the Farmers Settlement. Now without a prayer of attacking the hated base, Tim finally explained his true intent. The compound was a work yard for the Norites, based out of the city of Cyrano. The Smokies guarding it was an unexpected turn of events. He was hoping to slow or completely disable the dam building in the hopes of taking over the operation himself. Selling power to The Island would prove extremely lucrative.

With that knowledge the party has a small change of heart. They offer to help Tim and the Farmers Settlement, but they need more information. After discussing the issue for nearly half an hour they decide on a plan of action.

Boris, Tect and Graham will make their way towards Cyrano and attempt to parley with the Norites. They hope to gain their trust and have them force out the Smokies, leaving the way open for the Longshots and Tim.

Tom will remain behind and assist on a project special to Tim. A refurbished motorcycle. If he can get it running his trading runs will become easier, faster, and therefor more profitable.

March 27, 2016 - The Bar Fight
The Bar Fight


….our group of heroes set out from The Island to find some information about a rotten plant and a gooey scalpel.

Welcomed back into the Farmers camp, they were able to negotiate a price to borrow equipment to study the scalpel as well as hire 1 scientist to study the plant.

On their way into the compound they were offered a deal too good to pass up by Jiminey, the guard at the gate. Seeing Tect’s scarred face, he says they could make some good money by fielding bets at the Erlenmeyer Flask Joint. He has a running deal with Wan to organize fights for the scientists at the EFJ.

While Graham examines the gooey scalpel Boris and Tect make their way to EFJ.

Graham is able to learn some information from the scalpel. It contains a heavily modified FEV virus looking to reduce the ill side-effects. Graham isn’t sure what to do with the information, but he shares it with the rest of the group when he heads to the EFJ.

Walking into the Joint, Wan is willing to make the bet, he just has to get Percival for the fight. Jiminey works the crowd, but the scientists seem unwilling to make many bets.

Wan returns with a brute of a man, screaming at the top of his lungs, Graham yells incredulously, “You bring in a ringer!??!?!”

Jiminey reworks the crowd and is able to bring in a LOT more money. He has to come back and make sure the group can cover any bets made. They can’t, but he believes them when they say they can do it. Wan also makes a $1000 bet with the group.

Wan and Boris make their way upstairs to watch the fight. Jiminey opens the fight with a short monologue and the rest of the crowd forms a ring around the bar.

Tect and Big Ugly make a few moves feeling each other out. Tect hits the grounds with a few skillful moves from Big Ugly, but not much happens in the first few seconds.

While the fight is happening Wan is leaning over the rail screaming furiously at Big Ugly to make a move. Boris takes advantage of the opportunity and lifts the $1000 caps off Wan’s belt and makes his way downstairs to finish watching the fight.

Once Boris gets downstairs he sees another opportunity. He casually sidles up next to a scientist entralled in the fight and bumps him hard, forcing him into Big Ugly. The insidious move allows Tect to make good contact and nearly takes Big Ugly to the mat. He stands up unsteadily as Tect makes a run in to grab him and hoist him up and onto the bar. Tect then screams in fury and slides Big Ugly completely down the bar through all the drinks, cutlery and used plates and flings him into the wall at the end of the bar, ending the fight in spectacular style.

The crowd that bet against Big Ugly cheer while most of the crowd grumbles in disgust, not able to believe that Tect won without even taking a single blow to the face or body.

Wan furiously yells, “WHO STOLE MY FUCKING MONEY” from the balcony.



Boris had secretly ditched the bag under a table, and the scientist sitting there lifted it into the air, asking if this was the bag. Wan rushes over and throws the scientist to the ground, sticking a gun to his head and demands his money back. Scared shite-less, the scientist stuttering gave over 700 caps. Wan gave the group that money and an IOU check written on the Island Bank.

Wan storms out, threatening the group to leave.

Jiminey walks over, excited over the turn of events and asks for his fee, 500 caps.

The group walks out of the Erlenmeyer Flask, richer by about 3000 caps and just waiting on Seth to finish his analysis on the rotten plants.


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