Fallout: KnoxVegas

Travellin' Men

Heading up I-75


After agreeing to parley with the Norites for Tim the group of 4 head to The Island to deliver a letter to Kay Jones and gather supplies for a rather long journey north.

Arriving at the gates the throng of people gathered outside indicated something was wrong. Pushing their way to the front they realize the gates weren’t open. Words along the way and after talking to the guards the group realizes the power is out in The Island and the powered gates won’t raise. Seeing the issue and thinking he can help Tect walks up to the gates, gets into a power-lifting crouch, grasps the bars and grunts as he lifts. Getting it off the ground inspires the guards just loafing around and they dash in to assist. Everyone pitches in and an old I-beam is found that’s just the right size to keep the gate open, albeit at an odd angle. Everyone smiles and slaps Tect on the back, thanking him.

Indicating they have some business they are immediately brought to Kay Jones’ office. Learning of the Fusion Core issue that The Island is having Boris begins flipping it in one hand. Eyes widening Kay makes a deal with the group to buy it for 10k caps, goodwill, a letter of introduction to Deke Cyrano and enough supplies to take them North to the Norites.

Heading North the group hears a woman scream near Sharps Ridge. Climbing up the steep incline Boris and Tect spot 5 teenagers about to take carnal pleasure in a woman disinclined to acquiesce. Boris lines up a shot and kills 2 and Tect takes care of another 2 with his shotgun. The 5th they let go and assist the woman and her boyfriend off the cliff, assuming they will head to The Island for assistance.

They head North. Nearing Merchants Drive they see 2 bonfires, 2 guard towers and a nasty fence blocking their way. Boris and Chet head to one side and talk to the Cedarists, learning they are in a border war with the Merchants. The Cedarists are willing to pay 25 caps per Outback Pin they take off a dead Merchant.

Tect and Graham head the other way and encounter the Merchants who are willing to make the same deal for pins from dead Cedarists.

Both sides arrange a cheap deal to allow the group to cross.

They head North. Coming across a bridge, the sharp-eyed Boris spots a pack of a few ghouls meandering around some houses near Beaver Creek. Taking a crack shot and killing 2 ghouls with 1 bullet they swiftly realize his mistake. Another 40-80 ghouls begin to emerge and make their way towards the group. Tect grabs a rocket launcher and Chet grabs his pistol. They easily kill the entire group off before they get too close.

They head North. They begin to hear beautiful singing coming from over a bluff. Going to look for what they are hearing Chet and Tect begin to feel the urge to jump. Boris shakes off the same urge and shoots whatever is singing in the bottom of the pool. The second one dives for cover and Tect and Chet shake off their urge to plummet to their deaths. Boris shoots that one, too.

They head North. They meet a caravan hauling several Brahmin’s worth of rocks and at least one 1 to 2 ton block of marble. The apparent leader of the caravan asks the group to eradicate a nest of Rad Roaches the aggregate farmers are having issues with, but the group declines until later. They should talk to Earl if they ever decide to come back this way.

They head North. Finally they begin to see their destination. Cyrano is in the distance, flags flying and a guard tower easily visible from the south side of the Clinch River. That’s when they feel the explosion. Looking to the northeast they see a black plume of smoke pummeling the sky. As they stand there a rush of water eradicates the bridge crossing the Clinch, leaving them stranded so close to their goal.


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