Fallout: KnoxVegas

The Tattooed Man


The group was honored and treated in Cyrano City by Deke Cyrano himself.
They were awarded the Iron Spartan, given houses to live in and a small monthly stipend from the city. They are all also guaranteed work for as long as they live.

They discussed their options with Deke:
1) Track the Tattooed Man
2) Visit vault 444. The Norrites were prompted by the Hidwells months ago
3) Deal with the Super Mutants
4) Assist Refugees obviously flooding towards the Island
5) Vault 222 was discovered to be hidden below The Tilting Deathclaw.

Graham excused himself and decided to live at home for a while.

The Defenders of Cyrano then decided to look at Vault 222. The owner seemed nice enough and pointed the way. They went downstairs and into the vault where they found 2 dead skeletons and learned they were Jeff and Scott. They apparently shot each other after nearly starving to death. They found their way to the observation deck and observed a large boil and abscessed covered human. They worked out a plan and killed it. They then learned that vault 444 and vault 865 both contained information about other vaults, but the experiments and locations were split between the two.

Al finally convinced the Defenders to talk with Aricia who led them to the end of the trail that the Tattooed Man obviously left behind. They followed it and were ambushed twice by incompetent Smokies. They finally found the end of the trail and it lead into Vault 444. They walked inside and found some writing in blood on the wall. “Death” and “Fuck Everett” were written there.

They found a group of ghouls shuffling around in a smallish room and eventually killed them but not until Tect took a lot of radiation damage.

They then found Hillbilly Bot who has been wounded by the Tattooed man and was huddled in a corner of the storage room. Not much help, but he agreed to watch their back in the Ghoul’s room.

They then made their way upstairs after seeing that the way down was completely blocked off. Tect busted open the door and Al’s greatest enemy to date was there before them. He looked up, grabbed his greatsword and made a flying leap towards them. Al got off 3 shots.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see how this all plays out.


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