Fallout: KnoxVegas

The Norrites

The Art of the Deal


Quick notes for this last session:

Group decides to head east towards the Dam, hoping to cross there. Hopefully the damage isn’t too severe.

They enounter 2 giant spiders. The first attacks and nearly kills Chet. Boris kills easily with the sniper rifle. The second Boris spots and kills, but Tect is too curious while carrying Chet on his back. He’s crushed by the falling spider, killing Chet. They bury him reluctantly and move on.

Standing in the tree line eyeing the work-camp they saw while in the verti-bird they are attacked by 2 wild-haired and wild-eyed barbarians. They were wearing a shreaded cap as a hair band, a leather glove on the left hand and a machete in the right. Boris melts into the shadows and eventually kills a Smokie trying to get away. The other one does manage to disappear into the woods silently.

They sit and watch the fort some more and realize there is no movement. Tect gets brave and runs for it. No shots are fired. The rest of the group catches up. The door into the barracks is slightly open and they hear a muffled and weak “help” coming from inside.

They find and bandage an engineer for the Norites. He tells of the attack from the Smokies and how he hid in the trap door after playing dead.

A newcomer to the group was in the Smokies base when he saw the group run for the barracks. After seeing they were in scouting mode rather than attack mode he begins to jog their direction. He decides staying to the high side and the woods is smarter than taking the tunnel to the base.

After clearing the barracks Boris climbs to the roof to keep guard and Graham and Tect begin searching the compound. Encountering a closed and apparently locked door Tect kicks it open and is grazed by a simple gun trap for his trouble. The cafeteria is empty except for a few dead bodies of the Norites.

Moving to the second door they hear Boris yelling with someone on the ridge and far away. Shrugging they test the second door carefully and feel a string holding this door as well. They begin to palaver to figure how to get the door open while Boris climbs down to let the new guy in to deal with the wounded engineer.

Al comes in to the Barracks and begins to immediately poke and prod the poor wounded man in his attempt to bandage the wounds. He eventually figures it out and gets the rest of the story from the engineer on what happened during the attack. A whoop from outside indicates Tect and Graham have managed to open the door safely and disarmed the trap.

Boris is able to recover the mine and put it in their bags. After talking with Al, the soldier for the Norites, they decide taking the tunnel back to the City of Cyrano is their best option.

Al gets them into the city easily and up to the plush Commander’s office. Deke is willing to allow the group to assist in getting the dam repaired. The group makes contact with the Longshots who want 45% of the future profits if they assist. They bring Tim into the negotiations and he wants around 8% of the power output in order to help with bringing the Norites in. He will attempt to keep the Longshots to 10%, but isn’t sure it will happen.

The group is left waiting for Tim to radio back and they have the rest of the night to rest and do some shopping.


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