Fallout: KnoxVegas

March 27, 2016 - The Bar Fight

The Bar Fight


….our group of heroes set out from The Island to find some information about a rotten plant and a gooey scalpel.

Welcomed back into the Farmers camp, they were able to negotiate a price to borrow equipment to study the scalpel as well as hire 1 scientist to study the plant.

On their way into the compound they were offered a deal too good to pass up by Jiminey, the guard at the gate. Seeing Tect’s scarred face, he says they could make some good money by fielding bets at the Erlenmeyer Flask Joint. He has a running deal with Wan to organize fights for the scientists at the EFJ.

While Graham examines the gooey scalpel Boris and Tect make their way to EFJ.

Graham is able to learn some information from the scalpel. It contains a heavily modified FEV virus looking to reduce the ill side-effects. Graham isn’t sure what to do with the information, but he shares it with the rest of the group when he heads to the EFJ.

Walking into the Joint, Wan is willing to make the bet, he just has to get Percival for the fight. Jiminey works the crowd, but the scientists seem unwilling to make many bets.

Wan returns with a brute of a man, screaming at the top of his lungs, Graham yells incredulously, “You bring in a ringer!??!?!”

Jiminey reworks the crowd and is able to bring in a LOT more money. He has to come back and make sure the group can cover any bets made. They can’t, but he believes them when they say they can do it. Wan also makes a $1000 bet with the group.

Wan and Boris make their way upstairs to watch the fight. Jiminey opens the fight with a short monologue and the rest of the crowd forms a ring around the bar.

Tect and Big Ugly make a few moves feeling each other out. Tect hits the grounds with a few skillful moves from Big Ugly, but not much happens in the first few seconds.

While the fight is happening Wan is leaning over the rail screaming furiously at Big Ugly to make a move. Boris takes advantage of the opportunity and lifts the $1000 caps off Wan’s belt and makes his way downstairs to finish watching the fight.

Once Boris gets downstairs he sees another opportunity. He casually sidles up next to a scientist entralled in the fight and bumps him hard, forcing him into Big Ugly. The insidious move allows Tect to make good contact and nearly takes Big Ugly to the mat. He stands up unsteadily as Tect makes a run in to grab him and hoist him up and onto the bar. Tect then screams in fury and slides Big Ugly completely down the bar through all the drinks, cutlery and used plates and flings him into the wall at the end of the bar, ending the fight in spectacular style.

The crowd that bet against Big Ugly cheer while most of the crowd grumbles in disgust, not able to believe that Tect won without even taking a single blow to the face or body.

Wan furiously yells, “WHO STOLE MY FUCKING MONEY” from the balcony.



Boris had secretly ditched the bag under a table, and the scientist sitting there lifted it into the air, asking if this was the bag. Wan rushes over and throws the scientist to the ground, sticking a gun to his head and demands his money back. Scared shite-less, the scientist stuttering gave over 700 caps. Wan gave the group that money and an IOU check written on the Island Bank.

Wan storms out, threatening the group to leave.

Jiminey walks over, excited over the turn of events and asks for his fee, 500 caps.

The group walks out of the Erlenmeyer Flask, richer by about 3000 caps and just waiting on Seth to finish his analysis on the rotten plants.


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