Fallout: KnoxVegas

Into the Wild Blue

Vertibirds are not stable.


Our heroes were just about to settle in for the night when a “whup whup whup” noise turned them around. Tim the Trader was landing just outside their main base in a Vertibird. Jumping out he screamed at them, “Get onboard, now, there’s no time to wait!”

Looking around at each other unsure what to do next they all just shrug and jump onboard. Why not just jump on a flying hunk of metal with a guy who looks just crazy enough to force them to jump at gunpoint.

After getting into the air and flying north to only the gods knew where Tim begins to explain himself.

“A group of highly militant outsiders are gathering at the gate to The Island. They plan to take the Island by force and I mean to punch first. I have 5 rocket launchers and 4 crates of ammo. Lets blast a hole in their compound and strike first for the Island!”

Dubious claims indeed, the entire group agreed. After interrogating Tim for a few minutes they all realized agreeing to murder for unknown reasons wasn’t a good idea. After some more bribing and a quick talk with the pilot only Graham stayed true and refused to fire. The other three decided blasting some rockets may be a good idea.

When they arrived in view of the compound the Pilot freaked out, exclaiming, “That’s the fucking Smokies guarding that base. No way in fucking hell am I getting in distance of that place.” He immediately made a move in the vertibird to turn south. Tim dove for the controls, rocking the verti to the side. Everyone was thrown off balance, with Boris Vasilevsky nearly thrown to his death. Tect saved the day with a strong grab around Boris’s wrist, pulling him back inside.

Graham was the true hero. Dexterously diving towards Tim and using a throw he only could have learned from Tect he threw a very surprised Tim into the back seat. He was immediately restrained by the entire crew. Well, most of the crew anyways. * decided the safest move would be to use every strap available to keep himself inside the metal flying contraption.

With Tim safely restrained the pilot headed back to the Farmers Settlement. Now without a prayer of attacking the hated base, Tim finally explained his true intent. The compound was a work yard for the Norites, based out of the city of Cyrano. The Smokies guarding it was an unexpected turn of events. He was hoping to slow or completely disable the dam building in the hopes of taking over the operation himself. Selling power to The Island would prove extremely lucrative.

With that knowledge the party has a small change of heart. They offer to help Tim and the Farmers Settlement, but they need more information. After discussing the issue for nearly half an hour they decide on a plan of action.

Boris, Tect and Graham will make their way towards Cyrano and attempt to parley with the Norites. They hope to gain their trust and have them force out the Smokies, leaving the way open for the Longshots and Tim.

Tom will remain behind and assist on a project special to Tim. A refurbished motorcycle. If he can get it running his trading runs will become easier, faster, and therefor more profitable.


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