House Rules

House Rules


We will be using the groupings of RAD levels on page (B.p436)
When you gain enough cumulative rads to enter a new level roll on that chart.

Each letter reduces Max HP by 20%.

So for example if you gain 39 RADs, roll against HT+0.
Critical Success = No Effect
Success = A
Failure = B
Critical Failure = C

When you gain 41 Rads, you would make a HT-1 Roll with Results being A/B/C/D

Each letter reduces Max Health by 20%, so A=20%, B = 40%, ETC.

After 30 days you automagically begin to lose RADs at a rate of 10 rads/day. You would never lose more than 10% of any 1 dose this way. For ease of tracking each major fight or encounter will be considered 1 dose.

RAD-Away will reduce RAD level by 400 for each dose.

RAD-X will reduce incoming RADs by 50%.

House Rules

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